Artist Statement

My work is about transformation, both philosophically and visually. I see transformation as being open to change, continuing to look forward, and the willingness to grow.

Creating art has transformed how I see myself and the world around me. My material and tools inform my process, allowing me the freedom to take risks and to embrace chance.

I use discarded materials in my work. I transform or upcycle these unwanted objects, giving them a second life and creating more environmental value. By using these materials as a key element of my paintings, I hope to bring attention to the effect that we as a society are having on climate change.

The upcycled materials also help to create an impression on the surface of each work. This allows me the opportunity to add texture and to create distorted grids, both key elements of my aesthetic. This process allows me to transform my work over time, to make mistakes, to experiment, and to begin anew.